Why You Should Volunteer with the Love Fund in Kansas City

Posted on September 3rd, 2013 by
Love Fund For Children

Source: Love Fund For Children.

Most nonprofits have limited staff and rely extensively on volunteers to stay afloat. You’ll find many opportunities to connect with the Love Fund as a volunteer at a variety of fundraising events.

Check the event calendar, and volunteer your gifts, talents, and skill sets in ways that best suit your interests and your personality!

Here are a few reasons to consider partnering with The Love Fund in Kansas City.

  • The Love Fund’s mission is to provide the necessary goods and services to help children, age 18 and younger, learn, live, and grow. The Love Fund assists with a wide range of needs: medical equipment, beds, shoes, glasses, hearing aids, clothing, personal hygiene items, assistive technology, and much more.
  • Often times, the Love Fund for Children is considered the agency of last resort:   when no one else can help, the Love Fund usually can and will! The Love Fund allocates funds one child at a time when their needs exceed the funding ability of their family or support structure. Each year, the Love Fund provides goods, services, and events for approximately 3000 children in the metro area and throughout 37 counties in the Greater Kansas City region.
  • In addition to providing some of life’s essentials, The Love Fund extends its reach to provide for other specialized needs like nutritional supplements, wheelchair ramps and other mobility issues, and baby supplies and nutritional supplements. Other services such as therapeutic day camps and abuse counseling are also provided.
  • The Love Fund works with third party Youth Service Professionals who apply on behalf of children under their care or supervision. These professionals, such as case managers, social workers, medical care providers, counselors, and therapists may contact the Love Fund to request an application to fill out and submit for consideration of funding.

To learn more about The Love Fund and volunteering with a non-profit organization in Greater Kansas City, send us a message.

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