Try Volunteering for Your Employee Team Bonding

Posted on June 11th, 2014 by

Volunteering is a fantastic way to motivate your employees and help them bond with one another. While offsite meetings and corporate retreats are tried and true methods, research has shown that volunteering for community causes improves morale and unifies your employees into a cohesive team.

Try Volunteering for Your Employee Team Bonding

Source: MorgueFile.

In fact, if you already participate in a corporate charity sponsorship program in Kansas City, you’re well aware of the benefits. You’ve probably already noticed that your team is more cohesive and stronger than ever before. That’s because now they are connected not only by their work, but also by their support and engagement in the community.

Now, instead of standing around the water cooler discussing the latest fashions and what they saw on Downton Abbey last night, they are discussing the amazing kids and fabulous organizations they helped out over the weekend.

To learn more about volunteering with the Love Fund for Children, give us a call at 816-932-9170. We are always looking for stellar volunteers to join our mission and work alongside us as we help area youth achieve their full potential.

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