Teaching Kids About Charitable Giving

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It seems that children are being raised to be more self-focused and less concerned with others. Rather than allowing our kids to place themselves above others, we should be raising them to think about helping other people first. After all, you don’t know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, as the saying goes.

Teaching kids the importance of charity at a young age not only instills philanthropic values but also increases self-esteem and self-confidence. Parents can use a variety of methods to help children give back:

Teach Your Children to Give

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  • Hands-on activities help children not only give back but also get involved in the process. This can be something simple like cleaning out the closet or toy chest together and picking items to donate.
  • Letting kids pick their own charities is another way to get them involved in the process. Explain some local causes and options for them to donate allowance to or volunteer.
  • Make giving back a family affair. Organize a volunteer trip or day at the soup kitchen. You can also start a family donation jar so everyone can contribute.
  • It may be painful, but kids’ birthday parties are a great way to help them give back (make sure it’s a choice). This can be a request for donation-only gifts or an extra donation guests can bring along, like new or used books.

However you and your children choose to donate, be sure to explain the value of charitable giving. Selfless giving from the heart is much more rewarding than obligated giving or giving because you’ll get something in return aside from a heart-felt thank you.

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