Support a Fund

If you aren’t interested in a membership, perhaps you would wish to direct your contribution to one of the specialized funds within the Love Fund.

You can direct your donation to the “Ruby Slipper Fund” to buy shoes for a child;

the “Sweet Dreams Fund” to provide a bed, blanket, sheets & a pillow to a child in need of a bed;

or the “All Better Now” fund to underwrite medical equipment, therapy, glasses, hearing aids and prescriptions;

the “On the Go” fund for any mobility-related needs such as wheelchairs, ramps and lifts

or the “Heart’s Desire” fund to help develop a child’s talent, gift or interest — this might be helping a foster child attend Boy Scout camp, or a homeless girl get a drill team or cheerleading outfit, or even a child with Cerebral Palsey get a band instrument and uniform.