Help Support the Children of the Kansas City Community

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Volunteering in Kansas City is as simple as picking up the phone and letting others know you are willing to help. In our city, no group is better at doing this than the members of the Young Professionals supporting the Love Fund (YPLF).

Young Professionals

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The members of the YPLF are young professionals aged 21 and up who are eager to make Kansas City the best city in America. From time to talent, they use their resources to increase awareness and raise funds to support our efforts.

Each year they host engaging events that include social mixers, gatherings, and sporting events, all with the goal of bringing together civic minded professionals eager to get involved in the community.

The thousands of hours they donate, the skills they share, and the hope and encouragement they give to youth within the community is simply invaluable.

Whether they are busy mentoring, hosting a fundraiser, or simply taking kids out for a night at the game, the YPLF legacy can be seen across the horizon rising over Kansas City’s future.

That future includes thousands of children who will one day join the YPLF themselves to share their talents and skills with future generations.

Indeed, what is being given today will bear fruit for many generations to come which is why we encourage all young professionals interested in volunteering in Kansas City to get involved today.

Are you interested in volunteering in Kansas City? The Love Fund for Children would be happy to have your help, and we invite you to contact us by calling 816-932-9170.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about upcoming opportunities where you can give a helping hand to the community.

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