Fundraising Tips: Ask Your Friends to Support the Love Fund

Posted on November 6th, 2013 by

As one of the most dynamic nonprofit organizations in the greater Kansas City area, the Love Fund needs your support. Your donations are used to provide everything from glasses to counseling services to area children, and this year, the need has never been greater.

Here are some tips to rally your own personal network and help you raise donations:

  • Relate the Love Fund’s mission to something your friends and family already support. Essentially, by matching the Love Fund’s mission to their interests, you’ll be making a connection they can’t resist. For example, your friends already donate school supplies in the fall, volunteer with summer programs for kids, or support community education, so they’re already relating to just some of the ways the Love Fund helps the community.
  • Prepare answers for the questions you know they’ll ask. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to convince them that their donation will be used in a way that benefits children throughout 37 counties in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.
  • Show the results of the Love Fund’s work. By talking with your friends and colleagues about how the money is spent and the effect it has had, they’ll be more enthusiastic to help.

To learn more about the Love Fund for Children, contact us at 816-932-9170. Our professional staff is always looking for dedicated and compassionate volunteers to join our organization and help the kids in our community get the services they need and deserve.

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