Donate School Supplies for KC-area Students in Need

Posted on July 27th, 2016 by

Back to SchoolGetting a student “back to school ready” is a challenge for nearly every family, but it’s even more difficult for many Love Fund families.  Facing poverty or the overwhelming expenses of caring for special needs children, school supplies often fall toward the bottom of necessity spending.

Here are two ways you can help the children served by the Love Fund:

  1. Throw a neighborhood “back to school party” and ask guests to donate five of their favorite must-have school items!
  2. Distribute our suggested School Supply List 2016 and place collection boxes in your office, retail shop or place of worship.

While we naturally gravitate to crayons, water colors, glue and pencil boxes, please consider adding some middle school and high school level supplies to your donations, too!

Stage a Love Fund school supply drive within your network and you will help prepare area children with “tools for school” success.

Contact us to let us know we can count on you to help.

  • #2 pencils with erasers
  • small glue sticks
  • large glue sticks
  • bottled glue
  • crayons
  • water color paint sets
  • box facial tissues
  • box gallon-sized zipper bags
  • box sandwich-sized zipper bags
  • pink pearl erasers
  • pair metal safety scissors
  • 2-pocket folders
  • spiral notebooks (wide ruled)
  • spiral notebooks (college ruled)
  • colored pencils
  • plastic pencil boxes
  • 1-inch, 3-ring binders
  • washable color markers
  • rulers
  • white erasers
  • metal pointed scissors
  • thin-tipped colored markers
  • large pair metal pointed scissors
  • rulers with centimeter and inch markings
  • loose leaf notebook paper (wide ruled)
  • loose leaf notebook paper (college ruled)
  • multiplication and division flash cards
  • notebook dividers
  • 2-inch, D-ring binders
  • 3-inch, D-ring binders
  • red correcting pens
  • thin-tipped colored markers
  • Trapper Keepers
  • essay composition books
  • Sharpie marking pens
  • black ballpoint pens
  • blue ballpoint pens
  • red ballpoint pens
  • compass
  • plastic pencil sharpener (that holds shavings)
  • sticky notes
  • scientific calculators
  • stapler w/staples
  • stapler remover
  • correction tape
  • mechanical pencils
  • geometry set
  • file folders
  • locker organizers
  • locker decorations

School supply donations will be given to KC-area students who face enormous challenges and who would not otherwise have the tools they need for school available to them. 

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