5 Questions that Measure the Success of Fundraising Events

Posted on March 31st, 2014 by

There are many fundraising events in Kansas City that take place throughout the year. While many of these generate vast sums of revenue to support their causes, that’s not the only measure of success.

In all honesty, that is only one small part of the equation that determines whether your fundraising and partnership efforts have succeeded or failed. Here are five questions your organization needs to ask after every fundraising drive.

5 Questions for Measuring Fundraising Success

  1. How well was the event organized? Did staff, board members, and volunteers perform at the levels that were expected of them?
  2. Were potential leaders and cheerleaders identified and engaged?
  3. Will the funds raised adequately cover your organization’s budget and objectives for the year/tasks you have planned?
  4. Was the general public made aware of your efforts and the sponsors who are helping you achieve your goals?
  5. Were new donors cultivated, and are they eager to use their professional networks to help you expand your reach?

For more information about the many fundraising events in Kansas City that the Fox 4 Love Fund for Children is hosting this year, contact us, and we will be happy to give you all of the details. Plus, keep reading our blog for more fundraising tips.

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