Love Fund in an Elevator

On a recent out of town trip I found myself in a lot of elevators. You’ve heard of the elevator pitch, “Who you are, what you do, what are your strengths?” Quick, succinct information that is important to the intended audience. I often consider what my Love Fund elevator speech would be; what would I want to convey about the Love Fund in 20-30 seconds if I were standing next to Warren Buffett or Bill Gates. Get your timer out because here we go…BLOG

The Love Fund for Children has served over 3,000 children a year in the Greater Kansas City area and 37 surrounding counties for over 34 years. The Love Fund provides assistance for children who are unable to get necessities from their current support structure. Clothing, Beds and Bedding, Medical and Therapeutic Equipment and Assistive Technology are some of the categories we serve. We are often the last resort and the charity that covers what others do not. Supporting the Love Fund is crucial and will allow us to continue to serve the children in need who have a difficult time finding other resources.

Whew I made it. Would you be willing to make that elevator pitch on behalf of the Love Fund? Find out more about the Love Fund and ways you can help at or email