Help Children in Need with The Bacchus Foundation

There is plenty of love in our community, and the Love Fund for Children is proud to be celebrating our 32nd year of sharing this love, care, and support with children throughout the Kansas City area.

While we’d like to take credit for our efforts, the truth is that we’re not the only organization in town doing some amazing things to make our community strong and vibrant.

To that end, we are honored to announce our charity partnership in Kansas City with the Bacchus Foundation. This partnership will enhance our shared efforts and ensure that we can help even more children.

Together, we have applied for a grant to supply iPads to children living with disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, and other physical limitations that make learning difficult.

These iPads will be loaded with educational tools from AssistiveWare. Via programs and apps such as ProLoquo2Go, these tools help make communication easier and learning accessible and fun, thus removing many of the barriers physical disabilities can create.

For instance, we recently provided an iPad to a visually impaired child with issues communicating. The iPad was equipped with a mounting arm attached to the wheelchair, a sound system, Bluetooth switch, and many other features that removed many obstacles.

There are plenty of ways that you can participate in this charity partnership in Kansas City. We invite you to contact Love Fund for Children to learn how you can get involved and join in our efforts.

You can also contact Bacchus Foundation for more information and to discover more about the amazing technologies we are working to make available to some of the special angels in our community who need your help.

Meet New People Through Volunteering in Kansas City

Taking the time to share your skills through the many volunteer opportunities around Kansas City is a great way to invest in our community and make our city even stronger. The rewards are endless and begin with the rewards you will receive.

Indeed, volunteering helps reduce depression, increase happiness, and will help you live a longer, fuller life. It also helps reduce blood pressure and is an excellent source of exercise, and it can even bring you sharper focus in the office.

Along the way, you will also have the opportunity to develop new skills, and you will become a part of a growing community that you are helping to build. This will give you an enormous sense of motivation and accomplishment that is tough to compare.

All of this will translate into your day-to-day life and will improve both your performance at work and your engagement at home. In fact, employers value employees who volunteer because they tend to show more initiative, more creativity, and a willingness to finish the tasks they are assigned.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities around Kansas City through the Love Fund for Children, give us a call at 816-932-9107.