Why You Should Volunteer with the Love Fund in Kansas City

Love Fund For Children

Source: Love Fund For Children.

Most nonprofits have limited staff and rely extensively on volunteers to stay afloat. You’ll find many opportunities to connect with the Love Fund as a volunteer at a variety of fundraising events.

Check the event calendar, and volunteer your gifts, talents, and skill sets in ways that best suit your interests and your personality!

Here are a few reasons to consider partnering with The Love Fund in Kansas City.

  • The Love Fund’s mission is to provide the necessary goods and services to help children, age 18 and younger, learn, live, and grow. The Love Fund assists with a wide range of needs: medical equipment, beds, shoes, glasses, hearing aids, clothing, personal hygiene items, assistive technology, and much more.
  • Often times, the Love Fund for Children is considered the agency of last resort:   when no one else can help, the Love Fund usually can and will! The Love Fund allocates funds one child at a time when their needs exceed the funding ability of their family or support structure. Each year, the Love Fund provides goods, services, and events for approximately 3000 children in the metro area and throughout 37 counties in the Greater Kansas City region.
  • In addition to providing some of life’s essentials, The Love Fund extends its reach to provide for other specialized needs like nutritional supplements, wheelchair ramps and other mobility issues, and baby supplies and nutritional supplements. Other services such as therapeutic day camps and abuse counseling are also provided.
  • The Love Fund works with third party Youth Service Professionals who apply on behalf of children under their care or supervision. These professionals, such as case managers, social workers, medical care providers, counselors, and therapists may contact the Love Fund to request an application to fill out and submit for consideration of funding.

To learn more about The Love Fund and volunteering with a non-profit organization in Greater Kansas City, send us a message.

Why Volunteering is Good for Your Health and Your Resume


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The benefits of volunteering are widespread and never-ending. Not only will the work you perform create a lasting impact in a child’s life, but you will also take home a sense of pride and accomplishment unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Among the benefits you will receive, you will learn more about yourself and how you can use your skills to assist others. In the process, you might even discover new skills and talents you didn’t even know you had. In turn, this will help boost your self-confidence, fight depression, and might even put a bounce in your step that’s been missing since you were a kid yourself.

Additionally, you will be able to polish and hone your professional talents as well. Volunteering is a terrific resume enhancer, too!

The Love Fund for Children has a number of ways to engage:

  1. The Love Fund League is a volunteer auxiliary built upon the social friend-building side of volunteerism as well as the hands-on aspect fundraising event duties and responsibilities.
  2. YPLF – Young Professionals for the Love Fund is a group of forward-thinking, fun-seeking volunteers who come up with appealing ways to get together and raise funds and awareness to help the kids we serve.
  3. The Love Fund Board of Directors is a diverse group of high-level professionals who combine their skill sets, interests, and connections to benefit the Love Fund organizations and the kids we serve.


If you’re interested in learning more about volunteering with the Love Fund for Children, we would love to have you give us a call at 816-932-9170.

Why Young Professionals Should Volunteer

Love Fund For Children

Source: Love Fund For Children.

Ask any volunteer, and you will be regaled with stories about how rewarding it is to help those less fortunate than yourself. It feels great to do the right thing, but many young professionals are learning that there are even more practical benefits of volunteering that they might not have anticipated.

Volunteering your talents to further a nonprofit organization can sharpen those skills and make a positive impact on your resume. If you are not employed, the blank space in your resume can be filled in with time spent doing volunteer work. In a competitive job market, more and more employers are looking at volunteer work as the determining factor between candidates.

Never underestimate the value of networking. Volunteers stand out in the community, and working for the benefit of others is an excellent way to meet potential employers. You will find that many of them attend charity events and often roll up their own sleeves to help. They appreciate the people that are working side-by-side with them.

If helping local kids in Missouri and Kansas sounds appealing, consider volunteering your services to the Love Fund for Children. This extraordinary group of local volunteers helps children when no other funds are available. For more information, contact Katie McMullen at 816-932-9107.

How to Budget Charitable Donations and Why You Should Donate


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Certainly the easiest way to budget for anything is to have it deducted directly from your paycheck. That way, you never have to give it a second thought, so why not take that mentality into giving to charitable organizations like the Love Fund for Children?

Some Kansas City employers might even match funds so that you can maximize your support. Your human resources department can answer that for you. Payroll deduction is also a convenient way to track your donations so that you can deduct them from your income tax.

If budgeting is tight, consider participating in fundraisers or making small sacrifices to free up cash. Keep an envelope in your car and when you decide to skip that latte in the morning, and put the money you saved in the envelope. Put the discount you got on that oil change into the envelope, too. Before you know it, there will be a sizable amount available for donations.

But helping local kids in Missouri and Kansas is not limited to the cash you can provide. The Love Fund League is a generous group of volunteers who contribute time, as well as money, to assist local children when funding is not otherwise available.

If you want to learn more about the many ways you can help improve the quality of life for children throughout the Kansas City area, contact Katie McMullen at 816-932-9107.

The Benefits of Volunteering for Senior Adults


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Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community at large, but it is also a fabulous way to help the individuals in our community that need a helping hand. If you are older, it is also an excellent way for you to stay physically active and mentally sharp.

Studies have shown that the benefits of volunteering go far beyond the individual actions. For seniors, the benefits include increased physical stamina, increased alertness, and increased happiness. All of these combine to make sure your golden years are bright, cheery, and productive years that you will cherish and remember.

Volunteering is also a terrific way to stay connected to the fast-paced world around you, and to share the world of your youth with younger generations. To state the obvious, it’s a fabulous way to find someone who can help you program your cell phone while you are teaching them to bake a cake.

We would love for you to become a part of our volunteer family. The Love Fund has many events scheduled throughout the year, and we encourage you to come and join us to learn how you can become a volunteer yourself.